About Us


A registered member of Global Water Partnership through Namibia Water Partnership (NWP) No. INST013, since its establishment, Green Team Consultants (GTC) believes in continual changes in diverse spheres in order to stop marking time, move forward and adopt global best practices in water engineering, sustainable water treatment, urban & rural planning, climate change and Geographical Information systems. To drive innovation home, Green Team Consultants teamed up with an Indian company Divyashakthy Softtech Private Limited, a leading water treatment solution provider in industrial, domestics, agriculture, for sole distribution rights of Nano Catalytic Instant Water Converter (NCIWC).

GTC represents the seed of our future economic survival in order to generate economic growth.

Management & Corporate Structure

Sakaria H Nalusha (Pr. Geologist)
Managing Partner (Technical and Strategic development)

Nalusha is the co-founder and managing partner of Green Team Consultants and obtained his Bachelor of Science 1st class in Geology, Mathematics and Physics from Osmania University in India. Prior Green Team Consultants, he worked for Puma Energy International B.V (Namibia) as a data analyst on fuel transportations and stocks using mathematical methods. In Green Team Consultants, he is responsible for project management and technical development.

Paulus N Mungandjera (Pr. Geologist/GIS expert)
Managing Partner (Finance and Human Resources)

With vast experience in geological exploration and estimation, Paulus co-founded Green Team Consultants in 2015. He graduated from the University of Namibia with Bachelor of Science (Hon) in Geology &Computer Science. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Science in Geographical Information System (GIS) & Remote Sensing with the University of Salzburg, Austria. He is also a certified Blaster for open cast mining. Paulus combines computer, geological and financial skills in managing the finances of the team.

Green Team Consultants have worked with several ministries and private companies in Namibia to deliver quality service in record time. Ours is a team of young, dynamic and multicultural team of qualified personnel with experience in water, environment and spatial planning technologies. In 3 years, GTC manage to complete projects worth N$ 6,800,000

Values & Culture


  • Learning- we are comfortable with getting things wrong because we are part of the process
  • Environment sensitivity-sustainability is the key driver in our endeavors
  • Knowledge sharing-in a knowledge -based economies, knowledge share is a step towards prosperity
  • Social responsibility-we are who we are because of others, do the little you can to uplift the next person


  • To provide focused advices and solutions to our cliental needs
  • Integrate the Geographical Information Systems (GIS), water treatment technologies with the geological sciences for the best results.
  • Rendering service to conglomerate the mining industry, government agencies, small explorers and individuals through understanding our client needs and current market trends.


To be a self-reliant solutions provider in all services we offer within SADC region in order to enhance the understanding of future social challenges in order to meet the governmental needs half way while providing required services.

Why Choose GTC

  • Technical excellence is at the bottom of our foundation.
  • We aim to exceed all cliental expectations as we offer full transparency and customized services.
  • Ours is a multicultural team of young, dynamic and qualified geologists, engineers, drilling experts, hydrologists, environmentalists, GIS/spatial professionals and administrative support staffs willing to move forward and drive innovation home and adopt global best practices.